Silkaj’s evolutions

Halle des Douves > Salle Saint-Michel
Jeudi 22/11/2018 de 18h à 18h20 (durée 20 minutes)

Publics :

developers and silkaj users

Objectif :

  • Present the command line client progresses and show how powerful, and cool this tool could be!
  • Show how easy new features could be implemented with Python and how to contribute to the project.

Résumé :

presentation of silkaj’s evolutions, and its future developments.

Language: English and/or French

( it depends on the wish of the present and remote public, if there is many non-English speakers. And if we wish to have an English record. The goal of it is to push myself into doing an English conference and that’s also a way to deFrenchize the project. )